David Tepeneu

Developer and Manager.

Computer Science Sophomore at the University of Texas at Dallas. I'm always looking for something new to learn :D

Some of my accomplishments!

As a sophomore studying CS in college I have already taken the following CS related courses and completed the following projects!

  • CS 1200 - Programming Fundamentals
  • CS 1336 - Intro to Comp Sci & Software
  • CS 2305 - Discrete Math for Computing
  • CS 2336 - Computer Science II
  • CS 2340 - Computer Architecture
  • CS 3305 - Discrete Math for Computing II
  • CS 3341 - Probability and Stats in CS
  • CS 3345 - Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis
  • CS 3354 - Software Engineering


I've always been interested in photography, gathering over 1 million views on google (check me out) during my time in middle school alone! Here are a bunch of pictures I am proud of!